Ted Henderson

A Managing Director at Schooner Capital, Ted invests across asset classes, including venture and growth stage companies as well as alternative assets, with time allocated to internal management, asset allocation and firm strategy. Presently, he is a director at 4G Clinical, Cartesian Therapeutics, Eastern Point Capital, Millstone Medical Outsourcing, Nanoscale Powders, SHIFT, Spotted, SRS Medical, and Zixi. He has led or co-led a number of Schooner investments including Mimetogen Pharmaceuticals (sold to Allergan), Topokine Therapeutics (sold to Allergan), Seventh Generation (sold to Unilever), and StyleFeeder (sold to Time Inc.). Prior to joining Schooner in 2003, Ted worked for Leo Burnett, Fidelity Capital, and subsidiaries of The Washington Post Company. He was also a mediocre entrepreneur. Ted co-chairs Friends of Dartmouth Soccer and is a past director at several not-for-profits. He has degrees from Dartmouth College (cum laude, Chinese language and culture) and Harvard Business School.