We are a progressive foundation focused internationally on human rights, peace & security and economic opportunity issues. Domestically, the Foundation supports progressive media, campaign finance reform, the green economy, investigative reporting and judicial reform. We seek to honor human dignity and to act where we see the greatest need and opportunities to leverage our funds domestically and globally.

We engage with a number of the organizations with whom we partner, providing guidance, becoming advocates on issues and introducing the organization to other donors and decision-makers as well as encouraging collaboration among our grantees. The Foundation supports specific projects but also funds multi-year general support grants and fellowships. Our relationships with other funders and philanthropy groups give us the opportunity to review best practices in the field, learn from experts and keep abreast of new developments that might affect the work of the groups we support. We do not accept unsolicited proposals. 


Julia Pettengill

Executive Director

(617) 963-5255